Gerry Turner Reveals How The Fantasy Suites Helped Him Choose Between Leslie & Theresa

The Golden Bachelor is adding a golden touch to classic Bachelor traditions and changing some rules as he goes forward on his journey to find love.

Gerry Turner is sharing how he was able to use the fantasy suites for more than just “knocking boots” with his final 2 women.

The 72 year old has teased what really happened during the infamous fantasy suites.

“Maybe it’s a Texas euphemism for intimacy. But the misdirect is that that really wasn’t what those fantasy suites were for. I found the fantasy suites to be the perfect moment to connect intellectually and emotionally with these women, where I could have conversations that weren’t basically in front of our grandchildren,” he said.

He added that he was “both nervous and excited” for this part of his journey, and in retrospect, he called it “the perfect opportunity” to ask the hard questions, to exchange ideas, beliefs, and values.

“Those nights were genuinely watershed moments for me,” he shared.

Gerry said that his Fantasy Suite dates “may look quite different” given his age. “The activities could be quite different than for someone in their 20s and 30s,” he told ET.

“They make my daughters a lot more nervous than me,” Gerry joked.

“I think as you age—and at least where I’m at—a fantasy suite isn’t an open gate to physical intimacy,” he continued. “It’s the open gate to an emotional and intellectual connection. So, I know that the general assumption is that the fantasy suite is for the physical part, and it really isn’t for me and it wasn’t.”

“It was the time when I was able to have open and frank conversation with women without the eyes of America on me through the cameras.”

Gerry revealed how the fantasy suites helped him pick his final winner.

“Believe me—when I say that it was the most important time of the journey, I’m not exaggerating,” Gerry added. “And it has to do with the conversations that happen behind closed doors and not a physical activity.”

“If I had gone behind the locked door for the physical intimacy, I wouldn’t have come out with the right decisions that I made after those nights,” he shared. “I would have missed some very, very important information that was exchanged.”