Kat Izzo Gets Engaged to THIS Contestants on Bachelor in Paradise – SPOILER

Brayden Bowers was shocked when his connection, Kat Izzo, dropped him as soon as Tanner Courtad hit the beach on Thursday’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise.

“I’m just really confused. She was warm to me one second and then cold as ice the next,’ Brayden said in his confessional. ‘It does hurt because I allowed myself to fantasize about a future outside of here and all of the sudden I don’t even exist at all.”

It’s safe to say – The Bachelor Nation isn’t very happy with Kat right now.

When John Henry arrived on the beach, he asked Olivia to join him on a date.

Kat then became interested in him after Tanner Courtad broke up with her. Kat decided that she wanted to kiss John Henry, and began talking to him in order to try to make a new connection.

‘I need to make out with someone,’ Kat said in a confessional. ‘My goal tonight is to have a tongue in my mouth.’

Olivia Lewis was stunned watching Kat Izzo move in on her man.

Oh and Kat got engaged at the end of Paradise!


[This article contains spoilers from the season 9 finale of Bachelor in Paradise]

Kat is now engaged to John Henry Spurlock. 

Remember him from Charity Lawson’s season of The Bachelorette?

They got engaged in Mexico, and are still together as of today. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EDT.