POLL – Who Do You Want Gerry Turner to Pick Between Theresa and Leslie

We’re on the last leg of The Golden Bachelor and you know what that means..


The Bachelor Nations is truly divided between who Gerry should pick between the final 2 contestants.

As we wait to see who Gerry gives his golden final rose to, who do you want to see as the first Golden Bachelor winner?

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Speaking of his final 2, Gerry spoke to Deadline about narrowing down his decision and how he can get his happily ever after.

“Each one of the women on the show were unique individuals. They had their own bundle of talents and intellect and all those things that made them who they were.”

“My task through the whole journey was to find the one woman that I couldn’t live without — the one woman that was right for me,” he said. “So it was down to those two people. And literally, when those two women were standing in front of me [at the rose ceremony after hometowns], I had not made a further decision yet, because I knew there was still more activity to come. I still had a last chance to meet with each of them.”

“I still had other opportunities to get to know them. So I hadn’t developed an opinion by that point as to who was going to be my person.”

Who do you want Gerry to give his Final Golden Rose to? Comment on the Facebook post.