Zach Reveals He ‘Begged & Pleaded’ To Make 1 Big Change on Bachelor & Why The Producers Refused

Zach Shallcross shares what he ‘begged and pleaded’ during the filming of The Bachelor this season.

And why he was unsuccessful.

Last week, The Bachelor Nation witnessed Zach sending Greer home after not being able to see her for a few weeks due to him first getting Covid and then her getting it as well.

Zach still continued on his journey despite being COVID positive.

“I would’ve never known in a million years that I’m going to get this COVID curve ball of taking a whole week away from us to where you can’t just put everything on hold, as much as I wanted to,” Zach told ET. “I begged and pleaded and they’re like, ‘No, we have to keep this going.’”

ABC and the show creators turned down Zach’s request to pause his season while he recovered from the virus.

“So when I finally come back and she gets COVID right when I get back, that time is taken away from her. And again, we can’t stop everything,” Zach said.

“And it’s like, ‘All right, these relationships are either really progressing with these days or they’re not.’ At that point, when she had come back with Hometowns right around the corner, I didn’t feel confident enough to go there and meet her family because there were other relationships that I was very sure I was going to meet the family.”

Shows host Jesse Palmer confirmed in his own interview with ET that sending Greer home was really tough for The Bachelor.

“Zach got it in London, Greer got it in Estonia, and as a result, it did affect a lot of the relationships, particularly between the two of them,” Jesse said. “I mean, they essentially went two weeks without having any face time, which on this show is like an eternity. Two weeks is forever. So it absolutely affected their relationship.”

“You can’t help but ask yourself what would’ve happened had there not been COVID? What have, could have, should have. Would they still be together today? It’s obviously something that nobody can really answer,” he added. “But absolutely, COVID did affect the show and it affected these relationships.”

Greer clapped back at Zach on Instagram after her awkward Zoom Date with The Bachelor AND he responded.

After the episode was aired, Greer took to Instagram to throw shade at the Bachelor over their Zoom conversation.

She posted a selfie with the caption, “Women who care about their careers are hot.”

Zach has now responded to this after his attitude with Greer was met with backlash from the Bachelor Nation.

“Watching it back, I completely empathize with her,” Zach said in an interview with Variety. “I think she was really just trying to connect and relate with me when I had Covid, and really I was just already frustrated with everything kinda, you know, going on. You know, I definitely could have delivered my sentiment in a lot more of a respectful way, in a calmer way. It was just one of those conversations that just was off. No excuse, I should have responded better, so I totally, totally, 100 percent get where she’s coming from.”