Nick Viall Calls Zach Shallcross a ‘Total D—k’ – Here’s Why

Former Bachelor Nick Viall called out the current Bachelor for how he’s treated the women on this season.

Here’s what he said about Zach being a ‘total d**k’ on The Bachelor.

“That’s 2 weeks in [a] row now Zach was a total d—k to one of the [women,],” Nick Viall wrote via Twitter on Monday.

“It’s literally all about the one on one. Zach knows that. He made Jess [Girod] feel like she messed up for expressing a valid concern. #thebachelor”

Here’s another one of his tweets.

He also called out Zach Shallcross  on Twitter for having no empathy when the contestants on his season show anything resembling insecurity.

“Every time Zach hears any of the woman express an insecurity, instead of showing an ounce of empathy, his face just drowns in disappointment #TheBachelor,” The Viall Files podcast host tweeted during the recent episode of The Bachelor.

Here are some of his tweets from the last week.

Nick also replied to a Bachelor fan who called Zach a narcissist.

Here’s what he said: