‘Queen’ Victoria Larson Was Arrested for Shoplifting – Reacts With a Bible Quote

Victoria Larson aka “Queen Victoria” was once arrested for shoplifting in 2012.

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As reported by E! News, Victoria was arrested at age 19 for stealing over $250 worth of makeup and groceries at Publix Super Market, at the self-checkout line.

She admitted to stealing more than 25 products when she realized it had been caught on camera. The cops were then called in and she was put in jail for two days before being bailed out for $1,000.

The Bachelor Victoria Larson Was Arrested in 2012 for Shoplifting

According to The Sun, Victoria accepted a plea deal and received a six-month probation.

‘Queen Victoria’ spoke out indirectly about her arrest through an Instagram post.

Bachelor Queen Victoria Larson Reacts to Mugshot Resurfacing

“Every saint has a past & every sinner has a future. John 8: 7,” she wrote on Instagram.

Victoria Larson Responds to News of Prior Shoplifting Arrest