Jesse Palmer Admits He Was Blindsided By THIS Contestants Elimination – He Thought She’s Zach’s Winner

The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer was blindsided when a contestant from Zach Shallcross’ season of The Bachelor was eliminated.

Zach shocked the fans when he sent Kat Izzo home on the last episode. One of them was Jesse Palmer.

Kat was sent home just before the hometowns episode, losing her chance to take Zach home to meet her family.

Here’s why Jesse was blindsided by her eliminated and why he thought Kat would be the final one standing on this season.

“If I’m being honest, there was a time that I thought Kat was The One,” Jesse Palmer told Us Weekly. “Having talked to Zach on camera and talked to Zach off camera, I really thought it was Kat at the end. And so I knew how difficult these decisions were becoming for him, and I knew how hard he was taking the goodbyes, obviously. I knew that was going to be a really tough one.”

“I’m with the producers watching the goodbye at the castle in Budapest, and I just saw his face when he was standing out in front of the castle and I thought, ‘Man, I just gotta go out there and give a guy a hug.’ He needs someone just to kind of be there with him for this moment,” he continued. “He’s always been so great about allowing me to kind of share that space with him just a little bit to try to help. But, you know, I know I wasn’t the only person surprised at Kat going home at that point. And I know that was one of the toughest decisions that Zach has had on his entire experience.”

Here’s what Zach said about the break up.

“It never, like, fell off by any means. Nothing ever happened that was wrong, but the other relationships that were growing were just being stronger and stronger and I couldn’t deny those”

“But you can kind of see I don’t take the goodbyes well ‘cause the feelings just don’t evaporate once you make that decision,” Zach said.

Kat has also said that she felt blindsided by Zach’s decision to send her home.

“I did feel blindsided. I definitely could reflect on where my feelings were at in that moment, and they were feeling off. But I wasn’t thinking that that was gonna be something that overtook our relationship,” She said during the Women Tell All taping. “We had one hard week, but we also had five good weeks. So I thought that was going to be something to show my family that like, ‘Yeah, sometimes we’re not perfect. Sometimes we struggle. But he’s wanting to love them through that.’ I was hoping that was going to be him. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. But it’s OK.”