Maria’s Cryptic Instagram Post Hints at Shocking Info About Lea and Sydney – See For Yourself

The newest season of The Bachelor started off with a lot of drama surrounding Sydney, Maria, and Lea.

After Sydney’s exit, Lea took it upon herself to not only take over the ex villains spot when it comes to Maria but also called out Madina for not being a good enough friend.

Jess was also team Sydney as the Bachelor fans were unable to understand why the girls hated Maria.

Maria decided to take to Instagram stories to clear some things out.

“We are all watching together at the same time,” Maria wrote via Instagram Story on Tuesday, February 13. “Things I’m seeing are new to me as well and are hard to watch but please during this time, don’t send any hate to anyone.”

Maria then implied that there was more to the story as she added, “Things will come to light as soon as they can I promise you that so just remember PEACE LOVE AND POSITIVITY.”

She then went on to shade a Bachelor contestant on her story.

“It’s funny when people try to be sneaky but the only ones they are fooling are themselves.” she posted on Instagram which could possibly be a response to Lea’s Instagram post, which includes a photograph of Jess, Lea, Katelyn DeBacker, and Kelsey Anderson’s shocked faces to Sydney’s elimination.

Lea apparently originally captioned the post, “Last slide reaction when the math is not math-ing…” However, she then changed the caption to three heart hands emojis.

Maria was also not happy about going on a two-on-one date with Joey and Sydney, hinting at not having a choice.

The last thing I wanted to do was be on a 2 on 1 but here we are. Tune in Monday,” Maria wrote on her Instagram story.