Rachel Recchia Says She’s Dating a ‘Random Guy’ from Instagram DM’s & More Revelations

Rachel Recchia isn’t the one to give up on finding love.

After the horrible break up with Tino Franco, the former Bachelorette recently revealed that she went on a coffee date with “a random person” who “slid into the DMs.”

Rachel joined Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young on their Bachelor Happy Hour podcast to discuss her current love life and if she’d ever do Bachelor in Paradise.

“I’m taking it slow, but I actually did go on a date last week. It did go well and there is a second date in the future. It’s a random person, no one from the show. He slid into my DMs! Like I said last time I was on ‘Happy Hour,’ slide in! We just went and got coffee. It was casual.”

When Becca asked if the date ended with a kiss, Rachel blushed, saying, “Maybe!”

Rachel also added that she almost bailed on the date because she was “freaking out” as she “didn’t know how to date not on camera.”

“I was like, ‘I can’t go. I don’t know how to date not on a camera,'” Rachel shared. “[Michelle] was like, ‘You’ve got this.'”

“Literally, I’m like, how do you date outside of sitting down and being like, ‘Tell me everything about your life right now in the next five minutes? Go.’ I’m like, ‘Do I give him a date card?’ Like, do I say, ‘Meet me at the coffee shop. XO, Rach?’ Like, what do I do?”

And while her date went well, she is still open to meeting new people.

She added, “I am open to meeting people. Who knows?! The DMs can still be slid into.”

Becca then went on to ask her if she’d ever consider going on Bachelor in Paradise.

“I will go if Michelle goes down with me. I will not go without her,” Rachel says.

Becca adds that she’d come too as the “personal handler” for her girlfriends.

“If you both go, I will take a month away from my life and Thomas and the dogs and take care of you,” she said.