Are Eliza & Justin Together? Find out What Happens When Eliza Tries to Win Justin Back

Justin Glaze had to leave the beach and go home after Eliza chose Rodney over him on the last episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

She regretted her decision of choosing Rodney the next morning.

“I just don’t think I made the right decision for myself,” Eliza told Rodney the next morning. “I felt so much pressure. And I think I was influenced a little bit by how much love everyone has for you.”

While Rodney left Paradise heartbroken, Eliza departed on a mission. The episode ended with her knocking on Justin’s door to win him back.

“Going after him was definitely a first,” she says at the end of the episode. “I don’t usually chase guys, but he means a lot to me, so I hope he’s as excited to see me as I am to see him.”

So, are Justin and Eliza together after Paradise?

According to the source, things didn’t work out too well between Eliza and Justin after the cameras stopped rolling.

Justin claimed that, after Eliza left Baltimore after seeing him, the two planned to meet in Los Angeles.

He went on to reveal that the two talked for hours when the cameras stopped rolling while they were in Baltimore and told her he didn’t want to get back together, but they could still see each other when he was in Los Angeles.

Justin then went on to accuse Eliza of ghosting him and claimed she didn’t contact him until 11 at night when he was in Los Angeles.

So, the simple answer is no! Justin and Eliza are not together after Paradise. The Bachelor fans will get to see the whole drama unfold on the Bachelor in Paradise reunion special.