Are Aaron & Genevieve Still Together after Ugly Fight on BIP? SPOILER

We’re nearing the end of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 and fans have a lot of questions regarding a few relationships.

One of them is Aaron and Genevieve’s troubled love story on Paradise.

Fans weren’t happy with Aaron after his explosive fight with Genevieve on the last episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor Nation felt that Aaron’s behaviour towards Genevieve was very toxic and he only cared about spending time with his friends on the beach. 

When Genevieve confronted Aaron about this and tells him she wants to spend time alone with him, he seems pretty annoyed with the suggestion asking, “Are you really doing this?”

Aaron says as the co-contestants listened, “You’re making me feel like I’m neglecting you.” Adding, “I don’t know how this can continue.”

He the goes on to accuse her of “gaslighting” him.

Genevieve’s final words were, “I guess what it took for me and Aaron to tell each other our real feelings — that we were falling in love — was six bags, two friends, a lot of yelling, and a van waiting right outside for me.” 

Are Genevieve Parisi and Aaron Clancy Together After Paradise?

Genevieve and Aaron left Bachelor in Paradise single. But, she has hinted at the possibility they’re still romantically involved via TikTok.

“This has me dying and IDK why,” Genevieve captioned a TikTok video recently that showed her mouthing over “This Is Your Man” audio from the Steve Wilkos Show while referencing a photo of Aaron.

“If they can fight that much and make up, they may be made for each other,” Victoria Fuller says “Because that sh*t is crazy.” Michael Allio agreed. “I feel pretty confident that they could have a really good life outside of all this,” he said.

Wishing them the absolute best!