Joey and Kelsey Talk about Accidentally Spoiling Their Season’s Ending During Happy Couple Weekend

Remember when Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson spoiled their season’s ending on their TikToks?

The newly engaged couple admitted to US Weekly that they shared videos from the same location which led to fans figuring out they’re together.

“We were at a house together that weekend. We were trying to be very smart with what our backgrounds were. Yeah, it was a slip up, [but] we were shocked that people found out that it was the same background in the house,” Joey told Us. “I think anyone would be — because there was not a lot of context. But yeah, those rumors were correct.”

“We tried our best,” said Joey.

“I was in front of a white wall. She went outside,” he added. “We are shocked that they put two and two together.”

Daisy Kent was initially reported as the season’s winner by Reality Steve.

A Bachelor fan account released solid evidence that suggested that Kelsey was actually Joey’s winner based on matching elements on their Instagram stories  and TikToks including a wine fridge, wall sockets, and a fence in the backyard from their Secret House Visits, also known as SHV.

“The compilation of picture evidence that Reality Steve’s original spoiler might be wrong. Swipe through all the warnings to see 

The pictures show that Joey and his possible F1 were at the same Safe House Visit because their backgrounds match the house that is used for SHV’s,” they wrote.

A Reddit user shared photos from TikToks posted by both Kelsey Anderson and Joey. Pictures don’t lie and they for sure are proving Reality Steve’s prediction wrong.

These are the pictures that were posted as proof from both Joey’s and Kelsey’s TikTok’s that match the background.

Well, they did get it right!

Okay, this says it ALL!