Daisy Kent Explains Why She’s Not the Next Bachlorette Lead – Turning Down the Big Opportunity

After watching the Bachelor finale, fans were really hoping for a Daisy Kent season of The Bachelorette.

ABC surprised all of Bachelor Nation when Jenn Tran was announced as the next lead.

And it’s safe to say, fans were left disappointed.

But did Daisy turn down the once in a lifetime opportunity?

“I’m leaving this whole experience happier than when I came in, and that’s because of every single woman in the house,” Daisy said.

“I’m healthy and I’m happy, and I haven’t had those two things in a really long time, and so right now, I know it’s a time for me to focus on the things I love and the people I love, and so, right now, no, I’m not ready, and that’s okay, and I’m really proud of myself for realizing that,” she continued.

She even took to Instagram to talk about her Bachelor journey!

“You see the thing about life is you can never be certain what’s coming. How unexpected this whole journey was, but how beautiful it is to look back on. I’ll forever be grateful for the people I met, the places, and the moments that changed my perspective.

I believe life is about how we love people, how we embrace our differences, how we can take what we were given and turn it into light. I’ve regained my confidence & found my light again. We are complex beings meaning we are not one thing, one emotion, one simple feeling. Often we are consumed by one emotion, but I think the difficulty lies when we’re consumed by not one but many.

I’ve learned you have to feel it all to allow more love in sometimes. Thank you to everyone who has supported me during this journey. The friendships made & the people I met will always make me look back and smile. Thank you @bachelorabc @bachelornation for the time of my life & helping share my story in such a beautiful way. To more of the unexpected 🥂

No more roses, just daises”

Daisy Kent is also giving away her Bachelor finale gown to a fan: ‘Who Needs a Prom Dress?’

Daisy took to TikTok on Wednesday to offer up her finale dress to fans.

“Who needs a prom dress? #thebachelor #prom,” she captioned the clip of her posing in the gown.

Would you like to own that iconic pretty dress or should it go to the Bachelor museum? Comment on out Facebook post.