Joey and Kelsey Reveal The Name of Their Future Baby – ‘Want To Build A Beautiful Family’

Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson just revealed that they’ve already picked out a baby name for their future child.

On The Viall Files podcast with host Nick Viall, the newly engaged couple talked about starting a family together one day.

“We already have the name of our first kid figured out. Like, we’re talking about this stuff,” The Bachelor said on the podcast.

“We want to build a beautiful family because we have two beautiful families of our own. We’re taking things slow because I think that’s important after doing something like [The Bachelor].”

“One of the really special things — I don’t even know if it ever made it on the show — was that Kelsey always wanted to adopt,” Joey continued.  “That was something that she was really big on, and she wants to probably have like 20 kids. I’d rather stay more in the three range. We already have the name of our first kid figured out, so we’re talking about this stuff.

So, did they pick out a name yet?

“It’s easy because it would be taking her last name,” Joey revealed, noting that they’re hoping that their first child is a girl. “Anderson’s her last name, soon to obviously be her maiden name, and we kind of love it most for a girl and calling her ‘Andie.’”

“So, Anderson Graziadei was the idea for the first kid.”

How adorable is that?