THIS Couple Gets MARRIED on Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 – SPOILER


A BIP teaser trailer seems to suggest a wedding is going to take place on the beach in the newest season of Paradise.

Who is getting married?


[This article contains spoilers from the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise]

A former Bachelor in Paradise couple will get married on the show, with host Jesse Palmer officiating the wedding.

The couple is none other than..

Kenny and Mari

Kenny and Mari met and got engaged during the season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise and fell in love on the beach.

The couple were surrounded by their family and friends.

The cast of season 9 also joined to celebrate them in Mexico.

Mari and Kenny also talked about the drama that plagued season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise.

“I’m glad that we are where we are on the other side of it and getting to watch them. At the same time, I kind of feel like we’re mentors almost and we get to help them out a little bit, give them advice, which is cool.”

Congratulations to the beautiful couple.

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