Hilarious & Angry Twitter Reactions on BIP Finale Breakups and Victoria & Johnny

Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise has officially come to an end and the beach is closed for the season.

Few couples decided to leave the beach together, and the other few decided to call it quits.. very dramatically.

Kate criticized Logan him for making “projections” about her and rejected his rose at the final rose ceremony. The Bachelor fans were happy with Genevieve and Aaron’s decision of breaking up. They also had a few things to say about Aaron.

Here are all the Twitter reactions from last night’s Bachelor in Paradise finale part one.

Here we go..

Brittany and Tyler left the beach as a very happy couple, and things seemed to be going well for them as they’re the new fan favorites.

But, the couple are no longer together and here’s why.

You Won’t Believe How Brittany Broke up with Tyler Norris After Leaving Paradise Together

We’re also going to see Greg Grippo on tonights Bachelor in Paradise reunion special. He’s going to be there with Victoria Fuller and Johnny Grippo.

They’re going to address the whole cheating situation and the Italy trip.

Here’s Why Victoria & Johnny Broke Their Engagement – Victoria Reveals He Called Her a ‘Stupid C**T’

Kate is the villain we actually didn’t see coming.

You’re better off without him!