Reactions of Fans Slamming Victoria Fuller After The Reunion Episode with Johnny & Greg – Read Tweets

Bachelor Nation saw Victoria Fuller get engaged to Johnny DePhillipo on the finale episode of Bachelor in Paradise season 8.

Victoria and Johnny broke their engagement and she was soon spotted on a holiday in Italy with Greg Grippo. They even got matching tattoos together!

But, did she cheat?

“Greg and I were really great friends leading up to where we are now. It was a really easy transition for us. We were both interested in one another, but we never really knew that. Nothing had ever happened between us before we started dating. We never even kissed. We hadn’t been on a date until we went to Italy. After I had completely broken up with Johnny, Greg called me and said he wanted to see where it could go. He called me and asked if I would be willing to go on a date with him in Italy. We didn’t want to go on a date in the U.S. because we didn’t want anyone to see us,” Victoria Fuller tells Bachelor Nation.

Here are the Twitter reactions from the Bachelor Nation fans slamming Victoria Fuller after the reunion episode on Tuesday night.

Makes sense, tbh!

Victoria continued about her relationship with Greg, “We still need to figure out where we both want to live right now. Our relationship is still very new and we’re just enjoying each other’s company right now. Last night was the first night we were allowed to sit on the same couch where people could see us. We are just excited to go on dates in public in America. We don’t know where we’re going to land, but we do want to be in the same place soon. We are both looking for something very serious. As of right now, we are taking each other into consideration. He knows I was looking for a husband and I want to start a family soon, so we are not taking this lightly.

Are Victoria and Greg still together after Bachelor in Paradise 2022? The answer is yes.