Here’s Why Victoria & Johnny Broke Their Engagement – Victoria Reveals He Called Her a ‘Stupid C**T’

SPOILERS AHEAD – This article contains spoilers from the Bachelor in Paradise reunion special.

As we know by now, Johnny and Victoria get engaged on Bachelor in Paradise finale. And we also know she started dating Greg Grippo soon after that engagement.

But, what happened that led to their ugly break up?

Reality Steve revealed what went down between Victoria, Johnny and Greg, at the reunion taping of Bachelor in Paradise

Johnny and Victoria had a sit-down interview where Johnny revealed “he and Victoria were in couples counseling for 3 weeks after filming” and Victoria claimed he called her a ‘stupid c***’ and “told her she didn’t cook or clean so what good was she as a woman.”

Here are the tweets posted by Reality Steve.

Johnny admitted he shouldn’t have said some of those things, but denied uttering THAT particular sentence, and said that Victoria threw a wine glass at him and told him she was out of his league.

Tyler chimed in from his seat to say “he heard from a reporter” that Victoria cheated, causing Victoria to start “yelling at Tyler telling him to be quiet and this didn’t involve him.”

Victoria and Greg went to Italy together got matching tats that says “hot” in Italian.