You Won’t Believe How Brittany Broke up with Tyler Norris After Leaving Paradise Together

SPOILERS AHEAD – This article contains spoilers from the Bachelor in Paradise reunion special.

 Tyler Norris and Brittany Galvin met during the Paradise split week and soon became Bachelor Nation favorites.

They hit it off immediately and had a strong connection. Brittany and Andrew Spencer mutually ended their relationship as she became exclusive with Tyler.

They even left Bachelor in Paradise as a couple. But, that doesn’t mean they’re still together.

Brittany Galvin Broke Up With Tyler Norris After Bachelor In Paradise!

Reality Steve revealed that Tyler and Brittany did not get engaged during the Bachelor in Paradise finale but left the beach as a couple and even met each other’s families.

The real trouble started brewing off cameras shortly after they stopped filming.

“Tyler was going to L.A. for a party and asked her to go,” Steve revealed. “She said she couldn’t [because she] didn’t have money, and he offered to pay for her. She said, ‘no.’” 

A few days later, Brittany broke up with Tyler via FaceTime.

“Days later, she a bought ticket to London, and then Italy for herself, and broke up with him on FaceTime in Italy,” Steve reported. “On [BIP reunion special], she said their goals didn’t line up. Wanted him to be on his own person and felt he was just revolving his life around her.” 

Tyler and Brittany have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Tyler Norris Also Teased The Shocking ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Reunion: Says ‘It’s the Episode to Watch’

“If there’s an episode you want to watch, that’s gonna be the one. You’re just going to be watching the screen in disbelief, saying, ‘What is going on? This is crazy!’ You just see the real come out and you see some people stick up for themselves that you never expected.”

Tyler went on, saying, “It’s just wild because there’s so much that happens in the real world that viewers don’t get a chance to see, so they want to know about it. Then you get to see how it actually plays out, so it’s the episode to watch.”

“I’m going to say Victoria, Brittany, and Kira are the most surprising about what happens with them at the reunion. It’s not just the girls, though — the guys have a lot to say too!”

Tyler also said a few words for his very good friend Johnny.

“I do want to say my boy Johnny, this season you start to see the real person come out. Johnny originally didn’t want to get engaged or anything like that. He’s still against it. But he’s just getting more emotionally mature on the beach and you start to see how sweet and genuine the guy is.”

“I became so close with him because I could relate to him on so many different things,” Tyler continued. “He is so much different than the person you see on the screen with the bad boy look. He’s a real genuine guy when you meet him.”

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