Here’s Why Joey is Defending Sydney after Rewatching Maria Drama – ‘Sydney is a Very Sweet Person’

The Bachelor has finally spoken out in favour of Sydney Gordon!

Joey Graziadei is feeling bad about all the hate and drama that followed Sydney after he sent her home during the two-on-one date with Maria Georgas.

And he has his reasons!

“Anyone that’s been on the show can understand how difficult it is sometimes to go through this and how much you do things that you wish you could take back or you see yourself in a light that you didn’t expect,” he tells E! News.

“No one should be treated with any type of that cruelness that Sydney has been getting.”

He went on to defend her after Sydney shared all the hateful DM’s she has been receiving on her social media.

“I did get to know her in other ways that you obviously didn’t see on the show,” Joey continued. “I think she’s a very sweet person. I obviously know that she’s shared that she got lost in the drama that was going on. But no one deserves to be treated that way regardless of what people’s opinions are.”

About the drama surrounding the ladies, he said:

“My way of handling the drama was if someone wanted to bring something to me, I would always be willing to talk about it and talk through it. But I never wanted to go chasing and trying to find answers. Because it’s so hard to do in my position.”

“What I always try to focus on was creating connections and building them,” says Joey. “And if they were open to building the connection and wanted to talk to me about that, then I was all in on that conversation. But if they felt like they needed to bring something up to me, of course, I want to give them a safe space to talk about it.”

Whose side are you on?