Joey Reveals if He Was ‘In Love’ With Any of the Final 4 Women Yet Before Hometowns

The Bachelor season 28 is speeding to a close with the hometown dates this week.

Joey is going to visit the hometowns of  Kelsey Anderson, Daisy Kent, Rachel Nance, and Maria Georgas.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Joey opened up about his feelings at this point in the show and if he was already in love with one of the final four contestants.

“At least for the timeline right now, the answer is no,” he said. “There are feelings that are starting to develop. You will see who to the point I might say that to, [but] that comes with time. But right now, I can tell you, no, I’m not in love with anyone at this point. But feelings are starting to develop.”

Joey also talked about his fears about ending up alone at the end of this experience.

“That time in Montreal was where things got real,” he said. “As anyone that’s watched the show, it’s usually around that time. Hometowns [are] around the corner. It’s getting more serious, and I tried to not act like I had it figured out because I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t. I never will. So it’s more important to be honest about it, and I tried to do that with the women. I tried to do that, obviously, with my interviews to America, but I’m glad people understood it and always more to share about that.”

That being said, Joey was also 70 or 80% sure ‘The Bachelor’ would work for him going into hometowns.

“At this point, going into hometowns, I was probably 70/30 [or] 80/20 [percent confident it would work] because I could see the relationships were getting there but we hadn’t gotten to the point of anyone expressing that they’re actually in love with me, if there’s real feelings, if they could see a future,” he said on the  “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast last week.

He continued, “Those conversations come later on and during it, I think that what you’re feeling is, ‘Is it going to keep progressing?’ Because it is right now but, ‘Is it going to get there?’ So there’s always going to be that 20 to 30 percent doubt until you know someone feels the same way that you might feel.”

“There’s so many dynamics and things that might affect whether it goes well or not,” he said. “If I felt any pushback from a family member, I would want to learn and ask more about why. Because I think that it’s important to understand it and not just go with how they’re feeling.”