Bachelor in Paradise Teaser, Official Cast List and Premiere Date is HERE

First official teaser from Bachelor in Paradise is here and we can’t keep calm!

In the first teaser, Brayden from Charity’s season of The Bachelorette is seen making out with The Bachelor’s Kat Izzo.

Kat Izzo was seen on Zach Shallcross’ season of The Bachelor.

At the end of Brayden’s Men Tell All interview, Jesse Palmer revealed that Brayden just finished filming the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise.

In the teaser, Kat is complimenting his earrings, and Brayden is seen swooning because no one had ever complimented his earrings before.

“You’re the only person who actually likes my earrings,” Brayden tells her with a smile.

She even compared him to a “golden retriever.”

“It’s not just that he’s hot,” she says, “he has like, depth, and that’s, honestly, few and far between that you can find these days in men. He’s like a golden retriever. And I love it.”

The couple then share a passionate kiss on the beach.

“Kat Izzo is a great kisser, 10/10 recommend,” Brayden says in a confessional.

Some of the contestants to appear on the newest season are:

Kat Izzo

Brayden Bowers

Blake Moynes

Jess Girod

Aven Jones

John Henry Spurlock

Rachel Recchia

Tyler Norris

Greer Blitzer

Tanner Courtad

Sean McLaughlin

Brooklyn Willie

Aaron Bryant

Season 9 of “Bachelor in Paradise” is set to premiere on Tuesday, 29th August, on ABC.

Watch the teaser below.