Becca Tilley Reveals If She’s Still a Virgin After Dating Robert Graham

Becca Tilley’s virgin story was a national news when she appeared on season 19 of The Bachelor for Chris Soules.

Then she appeared again on season 20 declaring she was still a virgin after a year.

What has changed since then? She began dating an ex Bachelorette contestant Robert Graham last year and she has finally revealed if she’s still a virgin.

Bachelor season 21 premiere night premiere night was  the first red carpet appearance the couple made together, and they couldn’t stop gushing about one another.

“He’s very romantic. He’s so good,” Becca tells Us Weekly of her beau. “It stresses me out a little bit because I’m like, what do I do now?”

Isn’t that sweet? But what about the whole virginity thing?

Becca confirms she is still saving herself for marriage, of which Robert has been very supportive.

“He is very respectful in every aspect of our relationship, so you know, that’s something I was obviously very vocal about on the show.”

Robert also opened up about the whole situation.

 “We’ve talked about it. It was an open discussion, so there was an understanding.” He shares.

“I think people make a big deal about people being overly sexual or whatever, so I think it’s important to bring both aspects of it, to show there are people on both sides of it who are normal and not sitting in a room by themselves.”

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