Joey Will Take These 3 Women To Fantasy Suites – Shocking Spoiler

We’re just a couple days away from the hometowns episode. Which means – next week is FANTASY SUITES!

That also means Joey will have to decide his top 3 contestants for the Fantasy Suite special.

Oh and he’s going to have to make the tough decision of breaking someone’s heart after visiting the hometowns of Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson, Rachel Nance, and Maria Georgas.


[This article contains spoilers from the hometowns episode of The Bachelor]

The 3 contestants Joey is going to move forward with on The Bachelor are..

Rachel Nance

Daisy Kent

Kelsey Anderson

That means, Maria Georgas would be eliminated right after the hometowns visit.

Joey Graziadei recently talked about how much doubt he has ahead of Hometown Dates

The Bachelor admitted that he wasn’t fully confident that his journey could work as he headed into his hometown dates. 

He said that he was “probably 70/30, 80/20” percent confident that the process would work for him.

“Because I could see the relationships were getting there, but we haven’t gotten to the point of anyone expressing that they’re actually in love with me, if there’s real feelings, if they could see a future,” he said on the Bachelor Happy Hour Podcast.

Joey explained that if he “felt any kind of pushback” from a contestants family members, he’s going to want to “to learn and ask more about why. Because I think that it’s important to understand it and not just go with how they’re feeling.”