Nick Viall & Natalie Joy Shade Clare Crawley and Maria Georgas

Bachelor Nation drama!

It all began after the recent episode of the “Viall Files” podcast, where Nick and Natalie brought up Clare’s name while recapping Maria Georgas recent interview.

Natalie Joy called Maria Georgas “delusional” for her claims of rejecting the Bachelorette, went as far as to compare her with ‘difficult’ Clare Crawley.

“I also heard from some friends of ours who are close to the source that filming with her was close to filming with Clare Crawley,” Natalie said on their podcast.

With Nick confirming that he had also heard that rumour, another guest replied, “Guessing it was a little tough with Clare.”

He added Clare, ‘famously the only Bachelorette who quit a week into filming, which kind of tracks, I mean, Maria quit even before filming started.’

Clare fired back at Nick and Natalie’s comments with an Instagram story.

“Tale as old as time. If standing up for yourself, having boundaries, and not letting people take advantage of you is considered being difficult … then I don’t know what to say lol,” she replied. “I can only pray these people raise a child that is capable of being difficult for others in order to stay true to themselves.”