Gabby Windey Reveals If Her Mom Has Reached Out

Gabby Windey has been pretty open about her estranged relationship with her mother Rosemary Hewitt and how it has affected her journey to find the love of her life.

The Bachelorette talked about with her complicated and strained relationship with her mother, which ultimately lead to her mom abandoning her.

While talking to Jason Alabaster during Monday night’s episode, she said that it helped her “learn really how to allow people to love me because I never had an example of receiving it as a child.”

“It all kind of stems from not having a ton of security from my mom,” she said on season 26 of The Bachelor. “As kids, she was really physically affectionate, and then she would flip and kind of withhold your love. She would make you think that because of what you’re doing, she would withhold her attention very clearly. … We don’t really have a relationship now.”

“My family may be atypical one and we may look different from others, but I am so grateful for how perfectly to me we are stitched together and wouldn’t have it any other way,” she added.

So, where is she now?

According to Life and Style Magazine, Rosemary is all set to tie the knot again.

When asked if she’s heard from her mom, Gabby told Us Weekly, “I really haven’t. But that’s okay.”

“My mom and I are estranged. She didn’t have the capacity to kind of, like, love me as a kid. And she was, like, really quick to take away love. Like, ‘Oh, if you don’t do this and that, you’ll have to go live with your dad,’” Gabby revealed in the recent episode. “And it’s like, I don’t ever want to lose my mom. That was so scary for me. And then when I left for college, she washed her hands off me and didn’t want anything to do with me. But through a ton of therapy, I’ve kind of had to learn how, really how to allow people to love me because I never had an example of receiving it as a child. I think the hardest part is, like, I love her so much, but you can’t always.. she just can’t be in my life. She just doesn’t have the tools to love me back.”

She also added that she has “so much anxiety” from the situation but has “built a ton of humour” and has “a lot of grace for other people.”

“It’s really hard with dating and I have a lot of fears, honestly,” she concluded.