Gabby Reveals Why She Was Never Planning on Taking Logan to Hometowns

Logan Palmer was sent home after he tested positive for COVID-19, shortly after he switched to Team Gabby after breaking Rachel’s heart.

The Bachelor fans were curious to find out if Gabby would have still chosen him if he wasn’t unceremoniously cut from the show.

In a conversation with ET, she revealed that, COVID-19 or not, she would have ended her journey with Logan that same episode.

“At that point I knew I only wanted to take three people to Hometowns, because those are clearly my strongest connections,” Gabby said of Erich, Jason and Johnny. 

“I think if there was a fourth, it would have been Nate,” she continued. “I think because of our circumstances it just would not have happened, so I almost wanted to reserve that space for him.”

Logan, however, regretted the way things ended with him and Rachel.

“I saw this moving connection with Gabby, so I accepted a rose. If that’s seen as a b**ch move, then so be it, but I thought it was worth exploring if it means spending the rest of my life with someone,” he continued. “There was a huge part of me that thought, when I stepped away from Rachel and told Gabby how I felt, that she would send me home. It wasn’t the easy choice. It wasn’t jumping over because it was convenient. It was anything but convenient.”

He later took to Instagram to apologise to Rachel.

“Rachel, I’m sorry that I added more difficulty to an already challenging journey. That was never my intention, but it was inspiring how strong you were through it all,” he wrote.