Logan Reveals If He Regrets Accepting Rachel’s Rose

Logan Palmer, who pursued both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia on The Bachelorette opened up about regrets on the show.

“I saw two wonderful people, and although I felt more moved by one connection, I thought, ‘Maybe there’s potential in the other one that I haven’t seen before,'” Logan said. “The big growing point for me has been to make my intentions immediately clearer”

“Looking back, after Rachel gave me the rose, I would’ve liked to pull them both aside and said, ‘I am very open to exploring things with Rachel, but I have to be honest, the connection that moved me was with Gabby,'” he admitted.

“That was the night that Hayden had said those things and it was a very emotional night, very tough night for Rachel,” Logan told ET. “Adding on to that night with a rejected rose, although perhaps it was the more honest thing to do, it felt like it wasn’t the right thing to do… The best comprise I could come up with is, ‘I am going to accept the rose and I am talking to her first thing in the morning, no matter what anybody says’… That situation was hard.”

“I saw this moving connection with Gabby, so I accepted a rose. If that’s seen as a b**ch move, then so be it, but I thought it was worth exploring if it means spending the rest of my life with someone,” he continued. “There was a huge part of me that thought, when I stepped away from Rachel and told Gabby how I felt, that she would send me home. It wasn’t the easy choice. It wasn’t jumping over because it was convenient. It was anything but convenient.”

He also talked about facing Rachel and Gabby on Men Tell All.

“It was just a mixed bag of emotions. You put everything into trying to win over these two women, and you don’t see them for two months, and then there they are in front of you. I think a lot of people see that I was coming from a place of honesty and my heart was in the correct spot. That’s was I wanted people to see, that I wasn’t trying to hurt anybody.”

Logan also took to Instagram to apologise to Rachel.

“Rachel, I’m sorry that I added more difficulty to an already challenging journey. That was never my intention, but it was inspiring how strong you were through it all,” he wrote.