Raven Gates Was Originally Cast for This Bachelor – Full Story

Raven Gates may be the front-runner on Nick Viall’s season of the Bachelor but she was originally cast to compete for someone else.

The brunette beauty was cast to fight for former Bachelorette contestant, Luke Pell‘s heart before he was replaced by this season’s lead Nick Viall.

“She was chosen to be Luke’s Southern belle”.

The crew kept her on because they thought she was a “cute girl”.

And guess what? Raven wasn’t the only one who signed up for someone else. Liz Sandoz was also looking to find love with Luke Pell.

In an interview with Glamour, she was asked about why she wanted to go on The Bachelor.

Glamour: Who submitted you for The Bachelor?

RG: I did. I was sad and broken-hearted and all alone in my bedroom, and I thought, I’m going to put myself out there. So I applied. I didn’t know the Bachelor was going to be Nick, but I was excited when I found out it was going to be him. What’s funny is that my best friend is obsessed with him. When I found out it was Nick, I was like, “Please don’t tell me anything about him, ’cause I want it to be super organic when I meet him.” I mean, as organic as it can be!



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