Zach Shallcross Reveals When He Knew He’d Pick Kaity over Gabi

Zach Shallcross and Kaity Biggar recently appeared on the new Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour podcast, where they spoke about their season of the Bachelor.

Hosts Kathy Swarts and Susan Noles asked Zach exactly when he knew he was going to pick Kaity over Gabi.

“We’ve talked about it a bit because watching the show for Joey’s season re-sparked the conversations again about how we experienced something very similar to what we’re watching,” he started. “Kaity doesn’t love my answer, but it’s the truth. Throughout the whole process, I was very in my own head. I analysed everything to a tee. I overwhelmed myself trying to figure out who is the right partner for me and who checked off all the boxes,” Zach said.

“I tried to have every individual relationship and keep them separate and not bleed into each other. The problem was is that I was being so analytical mentally that I wasn’t letting myself just take a step back and feel where my heart is taking me. Who was I truly in love with and where was my heart taking me”

“The actual moment when it clicked for me was the day before the engagement.”

“When I took a step back and was able to acknowledge that it was Kaity, it was a ‘no duh’ moment for me. I looked back at how I felt around her and I naturally just wanted to spend my time with her. She makes me feel like no one else can ever make me feel, yet I was still being so analytical taking up every day I could to make sure.”

He added that he wasn’t going to propose if he wasn’t sure of his decision.

“Engagement was a big deal for me. I wasn’t just going to propose for the sake of proposing at the end of it. Either I was going to feel 100% confident or I wasn’t going to make a decision like that for myself. So I did think about it too much.”