Why Did They Spoil ‘The Bachelor’? – Chris Harrison Explains

On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel announced Rachel Lindsay as the Bachelorette for season 13.  She will be the first black lead on either The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, which have cumulatively aired 33 seasons so far.

However, Rachel, an early fan favorite, is still competing for Nick’s heart on The Bachelor, and the Bachelor nation is MAD AF.

Why did the creators and producers spoil their own show?

ABC likely wants to get everyone on the Rachel train before her season starts airing and to begin casting for her season. The channel will have more time to promote her upcoming season.

But that’s not it. Executive producers Mike Fleiss and Elan Gale have a bigger picture in mind.

When Rachel, the only African American contestant left on Nick’s season, is sent home, they’re hoping to  to cut out the flack the series will inevitably receive.

Chris Harrison reacted to the backlash with an Instagram post.

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