Becca Kufrin Says She Doesn’t ‘Condone’ Garrett Yrigoyen’s Instagram Likes

On Monday night’s After the Final Rose live, Becca and Garrett made their official debut as a couple – however, the latter faced questions about his conduct on Instagram. Some of his likes had pictures that mocked the trans community, a Parkland high school shooting survivor, undocumented immigrants and more.
Social media platforms like Instagram are a useful tool for us to find a voice and presence to connect with friends or fans. As one’s real Instagram followers count grows, so does our ability to reach new opportunities and foster a community. However as the Instagram drama has shown, a bigger following can allow for a greater lens of scrutiny to be placed on your character. And there are many who do aspire to have a big following on social media sites like Instagram, recognizing that with a bigger following could come paid influencer work. This is one of the many reasons why people might want to read more about Growthoid to see how they might be able to help grow followers. However, the extra scrutiny that comes with a larger following is why it’s important for us, no matter how large our follower count, to reflect upon ourselves and think about the messages we send on our social media, whether that is a post you make or a post you like.
Fortunately, it seems Garrett is learning these lessons as he made an apology in which he said he was sorry for offenses caused and that he would do better. Becca also opening up about the Instagram scandal involving her fiancé.
“I, luckily, got to know him for who he is … so I got to see who he is, his heart, his soul,” Becca said about the Instagram controversy. “And the Instagram situation, I don’t condone that and I know that he stands by his apology and he feels so bad for everyone that he did offend. I just want to move forward and to learn and to grown and to continue to educate ourselves. That’s all that you can ask for in another person.”

Did she ever consider ending the relationship?

“I don’t think we ever got to that point. It’s just been a constant conversation and he’s had to deal with some really negative things being said about him. Terrible things. He put out the apology and he asked for the chance to learn and grow, and that’s all I could hope for in him. It definitely brought us stronger.”

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