Johnny reveals Gabby was The Reason Victoria Started Fighting 3 Days after Engagement

Johnny DePhillipo is not holding back this time!

He talked about Victoria Fuller and the fights post Bachelor in Paradise engagement and what really happened.

Johnny claimed that his relationship with Gabby Windey and the season of The Bachelorette airing at the time of their engagement kicked his relationship with Victoria off on the wrong foot.

“She was heartbroken. She was upset that she was engaged and that it was very much the spotlight was on me and [Gabby],” Johnny told Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti. “And it was hard to be happy as a couple and try to blossom when I had to kind of promote my show.”

He said three days after Paradise finished filming Victoria called him crying because of The Bachelorette. He said, “I had to promote me and Gabby. I was just like, ‘This is heartbreaking to me.’ It’s like, she wants to be happy. And she’s like, ‘I don’t feel happy.’ And it was awful and I think that started a lot of rocky conversations before our first happy couple weekend.”

“There was a possibility for us to potentially work toward something. Breakups are confusing, right? I mean we all know that. I’d be crazy to say that I cut off communication completely. We ended our engagement three weeks after and then shortly after that we were completely done.”

Johnny said he wasn’t shocked when his ex-fiancée Victoria Fuller began dating Greg Grippo shortly after they broke up.

After Bachelor in Paradise was done filming, Greg and Victoria attended the same birthday party.

“That party, that’s when her attitude kind of switched. And that’s when I was like, ‘She’s not going to work on anything,’ like, she’s gone. But up until that point, I thought we were able to work on whatever it is we were doing,” he said. “We were talking every day. We were FaceTiming, we were making plans. I had bought tickets to go to her house before that party, you know, like, at no point where I was like, ‘Oh, we’re done.’ We were very much still together. I think the main thing was like, ‘Are we going to walk on that stage engaged?’ At no point was I like, ‘We’re not together anymore.’ I mean, you don’t say I love you to someone that you’re not together with.”

“I was not there at the party. I just know everything kind of changed after that day,” he told Us Weekly.

Johnny said the reunion special with Victoria and Johnny was the “most heartbreaking” part of the night.

“When I heard that he showed up and she kind of was just all about it.. and I was just like, ‘Why?’ I went through two shows, I went through Bachelorette, and now I’m on Paradise. And I did all of Paradise with you. I went through all those times together, and we’ve had our ups and downs and now I was on stage for five minutes,” he said. “I had to sit in my trailer by myself. I was like, ‘This is bulls—t.’ I didn’t get to spend time with the cast who I love. I didn’t get to see Wells, I didn’t get to talk to anyone. I got to go on stage, have a fight with someone that I truly care about, and then walk away, like, empty-handed from everything. That night sucked. I call my mom crying. I was just like, ‘This is f**king awful.’ I know that we’re not allowed to have our phones, I was like, ‘Give me my f-king phone, I need to talk to my mom right now.’”

“She changed my whole perception on falling in love and getting engaged,” Johnny told PEOPLE at the Bachelor in Paradise Red Carpet. “She made me want to be ready for engagement too. It taught me a lot.”