This Spoiler Explains Joey’s Cryptic Note During Fantasy Suites – ‘We Need To Talk’

This week, Joey Graziadei and his final 3 women are going to head to Fantasy Suites.

“I am falling in love with every woman that is here. This week is potential Fantasy Suites and I hope by the end of this I feel everything I need to be able to get down on one knee and know it’s my person,” Joey says in the beginning of the teaser.

Also in the same teaser, there is a mysterious note tucked into Joey’s door. The note reads the four most dreaded words in any relationship: “Joey, we need to talk.” 

Joey shares, “The note says ‘we need to talk.’ I don’t understand what this is. This is like my worst nightmare. This would derail everything.”

Who wrote it and what does it mean?


[This article contains spoilers from the upcoming episode of The Bachelor]

The contestant that doesn’t make it to the final 2 is..


Fans are speculating that she could have written the note before self eliminating.

In the Fantasy Suites teaser, Rachel seems a bit unsure in her relationship with Joey, crying in his arms and expressing concerns about him having ‘time with someone else’.

“I can’t sleep because I know that you’re having time with someone else. I am definitely terrified that me opening up is too late,” she tells the Bachelor.

That comes after the hometowns where Rachel’s parents both seemed a little more hesitant with her relationship with Joey and the fact that her father didn’t quite give the Bachelor a “yes” or a “no” when it came to blessing a potential engagement

Here are some of the other theories and speculations from Reddit fans.

“Kelsey tends to use two periods in her ellipses instead of three, which tracks with the top note,” a fan wrote.

“Watch it be one of the Golden ladies lol”

“Three different versions of the “same” note written to Joey. Different handwriting, pens and ink.”

“The note was written by multiple people. Previews have shown 3 separate versions of the same note to Joey. Two different pens are used. Two of the notes use black ink while the other is blue ink. A line above “J” and a pointy “W” appears in one note but not the other. Punctuation at the end also changes from a period to a comma.”

“Well who out of the three is wearing pink nail polish? To me the hand doesn’t look like a white girls hand. It looks like it could be Rachel’s hand”