Bachelor In Paradise Will Make Fans ‘Very Angry’ Says Wells Adams – Here’s Why

Bachelor In Paradise is all set to return on September 28, 2023 and Wells Adams is giving us an insight on what to expect on the newest season.

Hint – Bachelor fans may not be happy about it.

According to bartender Wells Adams, several twists were implemented during the newest season of Paradise, because of which the cast also turned their anger toward the producers of the series.

“I don’t want to spoil things for everybody. I imagine there will be things that people were not expecting to happen this year and they will probably be very angry about it,” Wells talked to Entertainment Tonight. “But I’ll be fine because I’ll be making drinks in the back and just watching the dumpster fire burn in front of me.”

From where I sat, I loved it. Now, the cast did not like it very much,” he said. “You’ll see a lot of cast members be kind of angry at some of the things we throw at them this year, but it’s a fun show and, you know, I guess it’s a testament to how much ABC believes in the show.”

“The best relationships that have come out of this franchise have been ones that I did not expect,” he continued. “I’m a big proponent of, ‘I know you think you know what your type is, but if that was correct, you probably wouldn’t be in a situation where you needed to go on this singles retreat that’s on camera, so maybe like think outside the box and just keep an open mind.'”

Who did he want to see get together on Paradise?

“I always liked the weirdos, because that’s what I am,” Wells said. “I like when the weirdos find the other weirdos and then they make other weirdos… I like when the oddballs find the other oddballs.”