These are the Official 6 Candidates for The Next Bachelorette Lead

The Bachelor is almost coming to an end and that means one thing and one thing only..

It’s time to choose the next Bachelorette!

We’re inching closer to the next season of The Bachelorette with the most amazing candidates in the running.

And because we want to keep this article spoiler free, we’re going to include the winner on the list.

These are the official candidates for BACHELORETTE 2024!

Daisy Kent

Jenn Tran

Maria Georgas

Rachel Nance

Kelsey Anderson

Lexi Young

Lexi Young, who talked about her Stage 5 endometriosis diagnosis, sharing that she has an increased risk of infertility on a one on one with Joey, self eliminated because her and Joey’s timelines for marriage and kids didn’t align.

And this makes her one of the strongest contenders to lead the next season of The Bachelorette.

“Building a family is one of the most important things to me, and Joey is not on the same timeline,” Lexi explained during Monday’s episode. “Because I have endometriosis, having children is going to be a lot more difficult.”

“I have been suffering for over a decade, turned away from doctors and finally had the answer to what was going on with my body.”

“My Endo Journey. I want to open up about my endometriosis journey that I have silently suffered through since middle school. One in ten women face this illness with many of them not even knowing that they have it. I was ultimately diagnosed with endometriosis in early 2019 and had endometriosis surgery in April of 2019. Sharing these pictures and my story are unbelievably hard for me, but I know I’m not alone in my story, so I hope sharing what I’ve been through can help others also going through their own endo journeys. It’s time to bring more awareness to endometriosis, and I am here for all of the women out there facing endo (and all of those who are still waiting on their diagnosis!”

Who do you want to see as the next Bachelorette?