THIS Contestant is Eliminated after Fantasy Suite Dates – JOEY’S TOP 2

Joey is heading to Tulum, Mexico, with Rachel, Kelsey, and Daisy for the fantasy suite dates!


[This article contains spoilers from this season of The Bachelor]

Joey will give out 2 roses at the end of Fantasy suite.

The top 2 contestans for the Bachelor season 28 are..



That means the contestant who doesn’t make it to the finale of the Bachelor is none other than..

Rachel Nance

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Joey Graziadei recently opened up about Fantasy Suites’ challenges on the show.

“I think from being in the role, now the big thing is I can’t fault anyone. That is a very tough position to be in. I was kind of warned about that, I’ve heard it in the past…And for me I just tried my best to, again, be aware that I was going to hopefully be watching this back with my forever person”.

“So for me, in general I don’t get into specifics about any of that, that was between me and the women that were there…It’s good, it’s a different spot. Never something I thought I’d be in, but a different spot.”

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Joey opened up about his feelings at this point in the show and if he was already in love with one of the contestants.

“At least for the timeline right now, the answer is no,” he said. “There are feelings that are starting to develop. You will see who to the point I might say that to, [but] that comes with time. But right now, I can tell you, no, I’m not in love with anyone at this point. But feelings are starting to develop.”

Joey talked about his fears about ending up alone at the end of this experience.

“That time in Montreal was where things got real,” he said. It’s getting more serious, and I tried to not act like I had it figured out because I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t. I never will. So it’s more important to be honest about it, and I tried to do that with the women. I tried to do that, obviously, with my interviews to America, but I’m glad people understood it and always more to share about that.”

Joey also shared his fears going into his last few weeks as the Bachelor.

He says, “I have a feeling deep down inside that once I show every part of myself, people don’t fall in love with me.”

“I am falling in love with every woman that is here. This week is potential Fantasy Suites and I hope by the end of this I feel everything I need to be able to get down on one knee and know it’s my person.”