These Couples Get Engaged & These Couples Break up TONIGHT on Bachelor in Paradise Finale

Bachelor in Paradise season 9 is officially coming to an end with its finale airing tonight on ABC.

While some couples have a better chance of leaving Mexico engaged, others will be leave heartbroken.

Let’s start with the break ups!

This couple is headed to splitsville on Bachelor in Paradise finale.

Mercedes Northup & Tyler Norris

Who leaves the show together on Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 finale?

Kylee Russell and Aven Jones

Kylee and Aven didn’t get engaged, but left the show as a couple. They were seen having fun together on a boat in San Diego after Paradise filming wrapped.

Who gets engaged on Bachelor in Paradise Season 9?

Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock

Kat and John will leave Paradise as an engaged couple.

Eliza Isichei & Aaron Bryant

Eliza and Aaron are the second and final couple to get engaged on Bachelor in Paradise season 9.

Will you be watching the finale tonight?