Nick Viall SLAMS Gerry Turner – ‘His Late Wife’s Body Was Barely Cold When…’

Gerry Turner just can’t catch a break!

Nick Viall spoke on Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast to share his take on Gerry Turner’s past controversy surrounding the claims made by his ex girlfriend.

A story broke in where the Golden Bachelor’s ex revealed that she’d been in a three-year relationship with Gerry after his late wife Toni’s death and that they’d lived together for over a year.

“It is tough to watch an entire season of Gerry selling this narrative that all he’s been doing since the passing of his wife was cry, play pickleball and occasionally having like this weird one-on-one moment with some hand lotion, you know? That’s all he’s been doing,” Nick started.

“And in reality, we come to find out that the body was barely cold before he started dating. And it opens up a lot of questions about what was going on.”

“He was allowed to date. He didn’t cheat on anyone from what we know. There was no overlap, even [if] the timeline is a little tight.”

Gerry Turner with his Late wife Toni

“Gerry, if you’re listening … he should say is something like: ‘Hey, I’m sorry if I misled anyone about my dating life. It was something I thought a lot about. This is my first time doing it. I didn’t really know what to say,’” Nick said.

He says Gerry Turner should elaborate by saying, “‘That being said, more than anything, not only was this an opportunity to find love again but it was an opportunity to celebrate my wife and the love that we had. And I just really wanted to focus on her. And at the risk of misleading you about my dating life post-the death of my wife, it was worth it to me to just give her that attention.”

Bachelor fans slammed Nick Viall for making insensitive comments on Gerry Turner and his late wife.

“You know who gives me the ick, Nick Viall gives me the ick. He constantly throws people under the bus. Absolutely absurd.” a fan wrote on Twitter.

While many other fans agreed the statement made by Viall wasn’t needed.