Theresa answers If She’d Would Invite Leslie to Her Wedding – And Where Their Friendship Stands Now after Gerry Drama

Gerry Turner got engaged to Theresa Nist after breaking Leslie Fhima’s heart on the finale of The Golden Bachelor.

Would Leslie be invited to Gerry and Theresa’s live wedding?

“I would invite Leslie,” Theresa told hosts Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt while appearing on their Bachelor Happy Hour Podcast.

However, she admitted, “I don’t know if she would come.”

Theresa Nist also answer where her friendship with Leslie Fhima stands after all the Golden Bachelor drama.

She referred to Leslie as one of her closest friends in the house.

“I cooked her dinner, she taught me exercise routines,” She says on the Podcast. “We sat and talked a lot. We, all the time, cried together. So this isn’t fun to have that happen to any other human being. I didn’t like that. And along those same lines, I was really good friends with Faith, so I would say the people I was the closest with in the house were Faith and Leslie. How does that happen?”

Now, in an interview with The U.S. Sun, Theresa’s hairstylist revealed where their friendship stands today.

“They are great friends,” Lisa Scolamacchia told The U.S. Sun, while adding Theresa “absolutely loves” Leslie.

“She said that [their friendship] was from day one, so it almost had nothing to do with the choice at the end.

“I’m sure it got a little weird, but she says to this day, they’re great friends.”