Theresa Shades Leslie on Instagram & Revealing Herself as The Winner of The Golden Bachelor

Theresa Nist has shaded her fellow Golden Bachelor competitor and finalist Leslie Fhima by liking anti Leslie Instagram comments.

She also revealed herself to be the winner of the Golden Bachelor through her social media activity on Instagram.

This first comment on Leslie Fhima supposedly acting like a teenager was ‘liked’ by Theresa on Instagram.

Here’s what the comment read:

“Leslie is 64 yrs old and Faith is 61 yrs old…
one of them should be the Golden
bachelorette with a younger bachelor…
Gerry is 72 yrs old and will really need to use Leslie’s walker in a few years 😂😂😂
11 years is a big age difference… Faith is definitely too young for him 8 yrs his jr…Leslie acts like a teenager…
tattoos…a hip hop rapper😱
Im sure they would appreciate Bachelor Nation picking an age group of men bet 55-65 yrs old for them!
If he thinks with the right head
Teresa is the one for Gerry!! 🌹”

Here is a screenshot of Nist’s “like” on that post:

nist comment like

Theresa also liked a comment that criticized Leslie Fhima’s question about sex.

Here’s another one she liked where the user called Leslie a ‘boring baking influncer’.

She also liked a bunch of comments of her winning the show and of fans congratulating her.

Here’s another one.

Theresa also shades other contestants through social media in the last few months.

Here she liked a comment in which a Bachelor fan called another contestant insecure and envious.

Another like on Instagram seemed to be a dig on Faith Martin.

Here are Theresa’s comments on the fallout with Kathy.

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