Gerry Turner had a ‘Secret 3-year Romance’ Before The Golden Bachelor – Ex Claims He ‘Dumped Her for Gaining Weight’

We’re officially a few hours away from the Golden Bachelor finale.

But not without a Bachelor scandal!

According to a new report by The Hollywood Reporters, 72-year-old star Gerry Turner may not be as genuine as he’s appeared onscreen.

During his time as The Golden Bachelor lead, he’s told the fans [and the contestants] how lonely he’s been since the death of his wife in 2017, how he hasn’t said “I love you” to anyone since then.

He has even revealed that he hasn’t even kissed a woman in all those years.

A woman, referred to only as Carolyn to protect her identity, told THR that she was in a nearly three-year relationship with Gerry, one that began just a month after Toni’s death in 2017.

She’s 14 years younger than Gerry and met him while they were working at a mental health center in Iowa together. She revealed that they dated for 10 months and lived together at his $637,000 Indiana lake house for a year and nine months.

“The idea that I’d go out with a recent widower just mortifies me,” Carolyn said. “I just really didn’t see it. Until I went back and looked at my text messages, I never realized Gerry’s texts had turned hot and heavy so relatively soon.”

One of those texts that were sent to the THR, read, “You are the right woman for me. No need to look further.”

“Damn, I go to bed at night thinking of you and wake up in the morning thinking of you,” he had texted Carolyn on Sept. 2, 2017, less than three months after Toni’s death, in a message viewed by THR

She then said Gerry promised her mother that he planned to marry her.

Carolyn said they soon started to have problems in the relationship with conflicts arising about finances and the cleanliness of the home.

He allegedly insisted that she make the bed before breakfast every day, denied her a chance to accompany him to a high school reunion because she’d put on weight.

“I’m not taking you to the reunion looking like that,” he allegedly told her, a comment that led to their breakup.

While packing during the breakup, “She says she was so frazzled that she fell down the stairs, requiring a trip to the ER and foot surgery the following day” and Gerry “accused her of using the fall as an excuse to prolong her stay and suggested that she was planning to sue him for causing the injury.”

He refused to let Carolyn stay at his house during the final week of the two weeks’ notice she had to give before leaving her job and she had to stay at a hotel, according to the outlet.

Gerry allegedly dated multiple women before he joined The Golden Bachelor.

His good friend Heather Lanning told The U.S. Sun: “He dated a couple of women. They weren’t long-term, but they weren’t short-term either. 

“He was with a couple of women for a decent amount of time, but it just didn’t work out.”

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