Reality Steve Just Revealed How Peter Weber’s Bachelor Season Ends – SPOILERS

Well, this season of The Bachelor has officially been spoiled.

Reality Steve has finally revealed what went down in Australia in the final week of filming the Bachelor and how it all ends.

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[This article contains spoilers for the upcoming season finale of the Bachelor.]

To begin with, he revealed that it was most definitely NOT a normal ending.

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“It was not a normal final rose ceremony,” Steve revealed. “There was no engagement in Australia.”

“He’s not with Hannah Brown. He’s not with producer Julie Laplaca. This was never about them or anyone outside of his final 2 women,” he continues.

“Definitely more [stories] were pointing towards Madison, but there were a few out there that said he was with Hannah Ann, and some made sense. But clearly only one could be right.”

Here’s what happens at the final rose ceremony according to Reality Steve.

“Madison doesn’t show up to the final rose ceremony. Peter then calls off the final rose ceremony until he can talk to Madison. But she’s already left to go back to USA, so they have to all leave and go to USA for him to talk to her.”

“He doesn’t even make a pick either way and says he won’t until he at least has a chance to talk to Madison and have them both be there both be there,” Steve writes.

“He doesn’t want Hannah Ann to feel like he picked her because Madison left and she was the only one left standing. He can’t do that without speaking to Madison.”

He revealed that Peter not only had to win over Madison, but her entire family.

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“Madison’s parents were not overly supportive of this, and Madison did NOT take him back right away either.”

“Lets just say there was a lot soul searching, some real tough conversations, and he really had to win over the family. Peter and Madison were able to talk about stuff but realized how hurt she was by what she did and it was very intense.”

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It was also revealed that Peter and Madison are together right now.

Also, they’re definitely not engaged.

“It took a while and Peter really had to work hard to get her to trust him, and get her to believe he was sincere in all this. He ultimately did it, and that’s where they’re at now.”

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