Nick Viall & Wells Adams Reveal Why Maria Turned Down The Bachelorette

Ever since the announcement of Jenn Tran as the next Bachelorette, the Bachelor fans have shown their disappointment on social media over the decision made by ABC, asking them why Maria Georgas wasn’t chosen as the next lead.

Well, Maria was chosen as the next Bachelorette.

The 29 year old backed out and turned down the opportunity a few days before the announcement was going to be made on the After The Final Rose.

Nick Viall discussed Maria turning down the Bachelorette on his Viall Files podcast saying he has the inside scoop on what went wrong.

He said that Maria was allegedly supposed to be the Bachelorette, but it was changed to Jenn last-minute. He also said that Daisy was given an offer after Maria declined.

“They didn’t do Jenn any favours by not focusing on her story. Now, I was told by someone who was told that as of a week ago, Maria was the Bachelorette,” Nick explained.

“Two hours before we’re recording this, I called a friend and they were like, ‘Yeah, so it’s not her. It’s Jenn.’ I was surprised,” Nick added.

The former Bachelor revealed that Maria was ABC’s number one pick.

And apparently, Maria’s dad told her to turn it down.

It had to either do with the contract not being good enough for her. Or she might’ve been asked them for a bigger fee.

Nick said usually the franchise doesn’t budge on this and they always have someone else that can be the lead for what amount they want to pay.

Also, this isn’t a first as many contestants in the past have talked themselves out of being the lead for similar reasons.

Ashley Iaconetti also shared her own theory on the Almost Famous podcast about why Maria didn’t get the role.

On her Almost Famous podcast, Ashley said according to her “sources” Daisy didn’t want to be Bachelorette and Maria was ultimately not chosen because the channel was afraid she was going to be a handful.

Wells Adams also had a similar theory.

He seems to think that ABC didn’t want her because she could be unpredictable. He also went on to say that her demands were “ridiculous”.

One of those demands being that she wanted to have her phone during the filming, which has never been allowed to any lead. He also heard that she wanted her friend to be her lead producer who follows her everywhere.

Well, there you have it. Maria fans, you can still watch her on Bachelor in Paradise.