Gerry Turner & Theresa are Living Separately After Getting Married

The very first Golden Bachelor couple , Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist, are currently living apart.

With Gerry residing in his lake house in Indiana, while Theresa is living in New Jersey.

TMZ reported that the Golden Bachelor couple are living separately, despite getting married back in January.

 They also said there are a number of reasons they have chosen to live apart.

According to TMZ, one of the reasons they haven’t come to a decision is that it’s a “complete and total hassle” and “they’ve each got their own established homes in their respective states, and moving everything into one pad would be time-consuming.”

Secondly, Theresa is still working in New Jersey as a compliance officer and hasn’t yet decided if she wants to remain in the job or look for something different.

And the last reason being that the couple remains undecided about where to officially settle down.

Gerry Turner said Charleston, South Carolina, was a front-runner for their home together, as he had always had an interest in the area, and Theresa Nist’s son and Grandson live there.

The source confirmed that the long-distance marriage is working for them right now. They are still madly in love with each other and keep visiting each other’s home bases.

Do you think they’re going to figure it out, or is there trouble in paradise already?

Gerry Turner’s Dad Claims Theresa Nist ‘Rubbed Him the Wrong Way’ – Wishes Son Picked Leslie Fhima

Gerry’s father, Everett Turner is Team Leslie and he’s not shying away from telling the whole world.

The Golden Bachelor’s father revealed he watched every episode of The Golden Bachelor with his wife Norma and their friends at his Fort Wayne, Indiana home to support their son. 

Everett revealed he had hoped his son would pick Leslie Fhima over Theresa Nist.

“I had Leslie picked out. For some reason, I just didn’t care for Theresa,” he said in an interview with The U.S. Sun.

“I was 60 percent for Leslie and 40 percent for Theresa. I couldn’t say why. Right off the bat, Theresa rubbed me the wrong way.”

“But it don’t matter. Now I have to change my tune! I’m bound to like her.”

“If she don’t make him happy, I’ll probably kick her in the butt.” he joked. “I like Theresa. There is not a problem with me not liking her.”

“All I want is for him to be happy,” he added.

Everett and Norma learned he was picking Theresa when the rest of America did, as Gerry kept the winner a secret even from his family. 

“I am always tickled to see him. I have always been proud of him. Not only for this Bachelor thing. He’s been terrific,” the proud dad added.

The Golden Bachelor couple Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist were married on January 4, but Gerry’s father, Everett, wasn’t in attendance.

In an interview with People, The Golden Bachelor shared that, because his father wouldn’t be able to make the trip from Indiana to California for their Wedding because of his health, He came up with a different way to include his dad in his special day.

He said, “I made arrangements with a baker in Fort Wayne to take a small replica of the wedding cake to his home address the night of the wedding. He has had watch parties every Thursday, and so we’ll take a little bit of the wedding to him.”

Who Is Gerry Turner’s Father Everett Turner?

Everett is 92 years old and lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is married to his wife, Norma, who is 91 years old.