Rachel Lindsay accuses Chris Harrison of Starting False Rumor about His Bachelor Return

Former Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, talks about the rumors of Chris Harrison returning to host The Bachelor franchise.

To recap, Chris Harrison left the ABC franchise in 2021 when he defended contestant Rachael Kirkconnell, who previously attended an antebellum party.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Rachel was questioned about the rumors that Chris was coming back to the Bachelor franchise.

“Oh, I haven’t heard that rumor — is that a rumor?” Andy Cohen asked.

Rachel laughed and said, “I think that’s a rumor his team started.”

“I mean, he’s got a podcast to promote. It’s something to talk about, you know what I mean,?” she continued.

“There’s no way. They went through so much with what was going on with everything and the fallout. There’s no way they would have those conversations.”

Rachel then laughed and moved on from the conversation.

Here’s what Chris said on his podcast:

“It was said that internal conversations are being had by ABC executives about bringing me back. Do I think these conversations have happened? Probably,” Chris says on his podcast. “I think it would almost be crazy not to if you’re running a business, any business at all, and that business sales are down 50 to 60 percent and falling and everybody can see the numbers, we know what’s happening, and you think there’s something that could change that and fix that? Of course you’re going to have that conversation. You would be crazy not to have that conversation.”

“With the advent of this podcast, they’ve seen the numbers. They’ve seen the response in my social media,” he continued. “They’re not deaf to all of that. They’ve seen what’s happening, so am I shocked these conversations are happening? No. It would not be a surprise. In fact, I would be shocked if they aren’t happening.”