Clayton Echard’s Ex Claims She’s Pregnant With His Twins – Demands THIS From Him

A woman who Clayton Echard had allegedly had a fling with claims she’s pregnant with his twins, according to the court documents that she has filed.

The 33-year-old from Scottsdale, Arizona, who wishes to remain unnamed, claimed in a paternity lawsuit filed last month that she “engaged in inappropriate activity” with the former Bachelor on May 20.

In addition to establishing the paternity of her children, If he is the father of her twins, she is seeking to put a parenting plan in place before giving birth in February 2024.

She also revealed that she tried to get Clayton to agree to a test several times but he keeps refusing.

“The Respondent (Clayton) makes knowingly false allegations against the Petitioner in his Response to the Petition to Establish Paternity that would be detrimental to the Petitioner’s reputation,” the woman wrote in court documents.

The woman said she asked Clayton to take a test “more than 50 times in writing.”

Clayton sent an email in July that said the woman was “faking” and she simply looked “bloated.”

The woman claimed that she “hadn’t been with anyone since March of 2022,” therefore Clayton must be the twins’ father.

“I hadn’t been with anyone since March of 2022 after being raped and violently assaulted and was not on birth control. I spent the night at his apartment, then looked at the houses with him the following morning.”

“Afterwards, he took me aside and said he wasn’t ready for anything
serious because The Bachelor had really destroyed his mental health.”

“My response is in the court documents,” he said, referencing his Aug. 21 petition. “I’m not giving it the time of day because it’s baseless. We did not have sexual intercourse,” Clayton told The U.S. Sun in a statement.

We have reached out to Clayton for comment and have not heard back.