Brayden Bowers Ex Girlfriend BLASTS Him Before Bachelor in Paradise

Brayden Bowers is not done with reality TV just yet.

The Bachelorette contestant is going to appear on season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise later this month.

But not without drama!

Brayden Bowers’ ex-girlfriends stepped forward to call him for his behavior on the Bachelorette.

A woman named Patty on TikTok posted a quick video on the social media platform to criticize Brayden, her ex boyfriend. The two date just before he appeared on The Bachelorette.

Patty criticized Brayden’s time on The Bachelorette, noting that he is “scared of commitment.”

She found the Bachelorette timing “interesting” but added that his time on the show “all ended for the greater good.”

She called Brayden out over how quickly he moved on from her.

The text that appeared in the video said, “POV: You dated one person in San Diego, spend the holidays, meet the fam and they end up on The Bachelorette right after.”

The video, which included photos of the two of them together to prove they were a couple, has since been deleted.

She went on to respond to a negative comment from a Bachelor fan by writing, “I think he’s young and trying the best he knows how to and is unsure about many things like many of us.”

You’ll see Brayden on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise starting 28th September.