Nick Viall SLAMS ‘Selfish’ Kaitlyn Bristowe – “I was a PAWN in Her Love Story”

Nick Viall didn’t hold back about his relationship with Kaitlyn Bristowe on his podcast ‘The Viall Files’.

He started by saying he had to take a big risk to take another leave of absence of 4 weeks from his job to chase [Kaitlyn], that I had 3 or 4 week love affair via FaceTime.

“In those 4 weeks we shared a ton and we were really connected and bonded. I then took this big risk to go on the show. I was like ‘Hey, I’m here for you so like don’t f*** with me please. Send me home if you like someone else,'” Nick said. ‘A lot of things happened while filming which led up to me being pretty confident the day of [the proposal], and then she chose another guy.”

“Granted like hindsight 2020, I’m really thankful for how things played out, but in the moment I was really upset. I was really angry at her. I felt heartbroken and I was mourning the loss of all the things we shared. She was in this relationship and I didn’t even have the ability to talk to her about anything. I just had to go away and that was hard.”

He then went on to explain why the whole situation was easier for him to get over.

“Quite honestly I was thinking, ‘who does that?’, I felt like she was incredibly selfish. She only considered her feelings as the Bachelorette and I was just a pawn in her love story. I didn’t feel like she was very honest with me and I felt like she was very cavalier with my feelings.”

“I’m all fine and grateful but that helped me get over her pretty fast,” he said.

Nick then went on to explain the pain of being dumped while proposing to Kaitlyn.

“[Kaitlyn] brought me out there, she let me go through that whole speech and when I got done, she brought out the ‘dagger’ so to speak,” Nick recalled.

“I remember being so mad at her, so mad and I was really angry at her at the time because all I could think about at the time was ‘you have no heart’ like ‘I asked you not to do this to me. I wasn’t a part of your show.’ I remember I just wanted to push her in the pool because we were standing right next to it.”