Ashley and Jared Haibon Feel Like ‘Failures’ after Hate from Bachelor in Paradise Appearance

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon were expecting a different reaction from their time on Bachelor in Paradise than the one they received from Bachelor Nation.

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon are speaking out after receiving hate from the Bachelor fans.

“Bachelor Nation wants more of us … not,” Ashley said. “We got a lot of backlash — or we didn’t really get a lot of backlash but a lot of you out there did not want to see a married couple on the beach.”

Jared admitted that it was “pretty evident” the Bachelor fans weren’t happy seeing them onthe show. “It just makes me sad,” he starts. “I think we thought when we both went down to Paradise that we were just gonna go down and we’d be one of the former couples that always goes down and we’re there for a little while, we’re not going to get much screen time, it was more for us and then we had the opportunity to hang out and go on a date. Even when we were still down there, I think you and I both were under the impression that we’re not gonna get shown that much.”

“It makes us feel like failures because the show took a chance with us, and we didn’t ask for them to, but the fact that they wanted to means the world to us,” Jared tells Entertainment Tonight.

“Honestly, I thought we’d go down there and … it would be quick little scenes and they would show us on the date and it would be fast and quick and, ‘Oh, so cute,’ and then move on.”

“We’re quite honored that they thought our footage was good enough to show in its entirety,” Ashley added. “But also what makes us sad is if you guys don’t like the farting jokes and stuff like that, I totally get that,” she said.

“It’s not really jokes, it’s real life. Like, real life as of, like, 15 minutes ago,” she joked. “But we are kind of sad that we heard a lot of people are fast forwarding through our date scene, which actually was very meaningful to us. I think it would be relatable to a lot of people in serious committed relationships.”

The fans of the show claimed the couple was ‘boring as hell.’

Ashley added that she “knew my farts were going to play a big role.”

While adding, “We leave on Monday! OK, everybody happy? We’re gone!”

“Be honest with us and yourselves, you don’t watch the show for love,” Jared continued. “Which is totally fine, you watch it for drama. As long as you can admit that, then it’s fine.”

“For me, watching back that date meant a lot and it gave me a lot of happiness because I remember having that conversation with Ashley and how great it felt to be able to say some of those things that, frankly, are tough to say because they’re awkward,” Jared explained. “In that environment, they’re not awkward because you’re forced to talk about them.”

“The fan reaction isn’t going to take away that moment for us,” Ashley added.